Marc Dumoulin

Marc Dumoulin

Financial Controller

+66 (0)2 663 6200

Marc joined Influit in September 2016 as Group Controller based in Bangkok. As head of finance and member of the Executive team, Marc oversees the reporting of the business financial performance of Influit to the board and to the other stakeholders of the company. Marc also holds the responsibility of the management of the Treasury of the company, and provides to the executive team financial expertise to help grow the business.

Marc has 20 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, where he has held senior management finance roles with top-tier companies. During his previous roles, Marc led regional finance teams in Western and North Africa, Europe and Asia, successfully implementing working capital initiatives leading to reducing DSO, helping to increase the value of business acquisitions, accompanying costs restructuring, and enhancing the quality of the financial information provided to the executive members and ultimately to the shareholders. During his time in these roles, Marc has dealt with the private equity investors, through multiple LBO’s and company financial restructuring.

Marc currently lives in Bangkok with his family, where Influit Global HQ is located. An active member of the Bangkok Business Angels, Marc’s other interests are tennis and martial arts.

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