A variety of technologies and methods for produced and seawater management whether it is required for standard process package water treatment, complex production enhancement reservoir pressure management and voidage replacement or water disposal projects.


Influit’s engineering team has extensive experience in the design, project management, commissioning, operation and management of produced water treatment systems. We partner with top-tier suppliers to provide a wide range of water treatment and water injection technologies selected and engineered according to the Customer's specific project requirements. We provide lease, operate and maintain (LOM) or purchase options, depending on your needs and budgets. Equipment and personnel can be supplied as part of a complete production system or as a standalone application.

As part of our comprehensive water treatment facilities service, we have expertise in a broad spectrum of technologies to meet all your water management requirements.

Our expertise in water treatment and management include:

  • Water Injection
  • Deoiling Hydrocyclones
  • Tilted/pressurised plate separators
  • Induced/Dissolved Gas Floatation
  • Compact Floatation
  • Cartridge/oil absorption filters
  • Solid Liquid Hydrocyclones
  • Media Filtration -- Dual Media & Nutshell
  • De-aeration systems
  • Reverse Osmosis and Capillary treatment / filter systems


We offer fast-track, cost-effective solutions that allow you to maximise the production of oilfields whilst minimising capital expenditure.

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Optimise well-flow performance from the reservoir and improve profitability from a variety of production enhancement solutions.

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We are dedicated to managing operations and maintenance of our clients’ facilities to ensure optimal and safe performance whilst minimising costs.

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