Fast-track services throughout the lifecycle of your project


Influit has developed its accelerated approach to challenge ‘business as usual’ and focus on what matters most – high-quality infrastructure, reducing time to first oil, safely enhancing production, and increasing revenues.

We have developed this approach as a result of decades of experience, focusing on what is essential, eliminating the unnecessary and delivering fast, fit-for-purpose and safe systems.

Our unique, integrated design-and-build process means we can fit all the elements of a project together with no unwanted delays or gaps.

Influit’s world-class team knows every inch of the global oil and gas industry, so we can identify, design, fabricate, procure or lease the right equipment at the right time – wherever it is located.

Because the accelerated approach is flexible and based on outstanding knowledge of the industry, we can adapt to fit the exact needs of each and every client without slowing the project down.



We identify your production needs in order to design innovative production methods


Our multi-disciplinary teams take care of every phase of your project, from start to finish


Your production facilities will be operated and maintained by experienced, competent personnel