Nido Petroleum

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About the Project

In December 2009, Nido Petroleum awarded a contract for an Extended Well Test (EWT) for their Tindalo field, offshore Philippines. The contract was to provide engineering, design, procurement, modification or build of new equipment; to install and commission a 20,000 bbl/d plant with water treatment facilities able to process an associated water cut of up to 75%. The project was completed within the 5 months allocated from contract award.


The process scope for the project included:

  • First stage separation and second stage degassing, electrostatic coalescer, crude oil export trim cooler and metering package. Produced gas was flared

Produced Water Treatment included:

  • De-oiling hydrocyclones, hybrid gas flotation vessel and a filtration package
  • Treated water is dumped overboard at 15 ppm and crude oil was transferred to an FSO

These case studies provide examples of the projects members of the Influit team have undertaken whilst working for previous companies.

Project Info

Operator : Nido Petroleum