Siam Moeco

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About the Project

Siam Moeco Limited awarded a contract to Weatherford for the lease operate and maintenance of an early production facility in Thailand.  The equipment was skid mounted to speed installation and to allow possible relocation at a later date to a future production site. The facilities were designed to be a flexible solution for an unfixed production period. The design is generic in principle and modular allowing equipment to be added if necessary according to future reservoir requirements.


The daily production target for the Burapa-A field is 4,000bpd of fluid comprising of 2,000bopd, and up to 2,000bwpd, and up to 5mmscfd of associated gas.  Two days crude storage was also provided along with 2 truck loading gantries.  Produced water is injected back into a water injection well.


These case studies provide examples of the projects members of the Influit team have undertaken whilst working for previous companies.

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Operator : Siam Moeco Ltd
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