Water Treatment Facilities

Since Influit is not tied to a particular technology supplier, we offer a wide range of water treatment technologies that are selected and engineered according to the client’s specific project requirements.

We operate a holistic approach to produced water treatment, and working with Influit provides clients with all kinds benefits in this specialist area:

  • We are an engineering team with extensive experience in the design, project management and commissioning of produced water treatment systems.
  • We have close working relationships with specialist technology providers.
  • We can provide a service company approach – lease, operate and maintain (LOM) or purchase options available.
  • Equipment and personnel can be supplied as part of a complete production system or a standalone application

As part of our comprehensive water treatment facilities services, we have expertise in a broad spectrum of technologies to meet all your water treatment requirements including:

  • Deoiling Hydrocyclones
  • Tilted/pressurised plate separators
  • Induced/Dissolved Gas Floatation
  • Compact Floatation
  • Cartridge/oil absorption filters
  • Solid Liquid Hydrocyclones
  • Media Filtration – Dual Media & Nutshell