LAM-10 & LAM-13 Seawater Injection



CLIENT: Dragon Oil Turkmenistan Ltd
LOCATION: Lam-28 Platform, Offshore Caspian Sea
TYPE: Water Management
AWARD: November 2015
START-UP DATE: July 2017


2 Seawater injection packages to treat and inject seawater on Dragon Oil’s LAM-10 & LAM-13 platforms at Lam-28 offshore field in the Caspian Sea,. The two facilities lift, treat and injection seawater at rate of 40,000 BWPD at a discharge pressure of 1,500psi. The facilities consist of 2x seawater lift pumps, 2x coarse strainers to remove large entrained solid particles, 2x bag and cartridge filters to remove smaller solids, 2x buffer vessels and electrically driven horizontal centrifugal injection pumps. Buffer vessels upstream of the injection pumps are used to provide the residence time for the oxygen scavenger to reduce the dissolved oxygen content of the water to 10 ppb. De-aeration is carried out by injecting oxygen scavenger, and therefore reducing the height profile of the package by removing the requirement of a deaeration tower.

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